Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Regret Tonight Tomorrow

Round after round the sauce keeps coming
Knowing I should stop but the waitress is what's intoxicating
Through the fog of cigarette smoke she winks across the bar and I know I'm staying not caring what goes on my card.
Pounding music deafens the volume numbing my mind to the life and decisions from which I'm running.
I don't want to go home or to work tomorrow but they eventually drag me back like a rip current.
I will regret tonight tomorrow but let the moment last
Senses dulled while being over loaded wrap me up like a warm hug.
The last call bell rings out, downing the last shot, scrawling my name then sitting for one last minute draining the lingering drops of the ethereal essence this bar is pouring.
I will regret tonight tomorrow but tomorrow may not come and this gets me by.
The smoke from the last cigarette stubbed out drifts aimlessly into the early morning vanishing as fast as life is passing.
I will regret tonight tomorrow because this feeling cannot last.

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