Monday, June 2, 2014

Rock On

This past Saturday marks another first for me (going to a rock concert) and also a big release of negative training from my childhood. Growing up we were indirectly taught to be fearful of the world making everyday life uncomfortable to say the least as we attempted to navigate all the abundant moral pitfalls. A major belief was that "rock music" was evil. If we went out to eat it was expected to ask the establishment to either turn their music down or play one of our Christian tapes till we left. The only normal toys I was allowed to have were Legos and matchbox cars. Power Rangers, TMNT, Star Wars etc were not allowed for fear of demonic attachment to the solidified petroleum figures. Years of constant wariness causes the fear seeps into your soul leaving an imprint that is hard to erase. You are constantly nervous to do many things for fear of something bad happening as a result of you "opening a door to the devil". 

Saturday night was perfect. The weather was great, I had amazing company and the performance was fantastic. I only recognized one song from the band and didn't even know the lyrics but when the stage lights started flashing on the second song, I was hit with a feeling of wow, this is awesome! Absorbing the whole experience, it suddenly hit me - I'm finally doing things that normal people do and I am completely fine. I actually was kind of giddy when I realized that the weight of being in constant fear was gone. Now I can enjoy life and all the beauty in it without feeling like I'm on the verge of falling into hell. I feel sad for all the people bound up in fear over shit that they can't even prove. Life has so much to offer that if moderated can make your life amazing and happy. "Our fears are only as big as we let them become."

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