Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Closing Time

You know you've been working too much when you wake up and have a glass of Code Red and an American Spirit Black for breakfast. Or when you feel like you can't form a cogent thought or even one that's moderately intelligent. That my friends is when you need to step back and say "what the fuck am I doing?" Working is great when you enjoy what you do but these last two projects spanning 6 months of this year have beaten the crap out of me. Maybe it's a psychological release similar to when you have to go to the bathroom driving home and you do just fine holding it till you are about to pull into the driveway, but seeing your house and knowing the toilet is there gives you a false sense of relief and then it feels like you have to muster all your strength and some Harry Potter magical shit to keep from turning your car into a really expensive honey wagon [HOLY RUN ON SENTENCE BATMAN] I don't know, but these last few days have been torturous and while I probably could muster up the fortitude to go on if we were continuing for another two months, I'm so glad today is the last day. 

The lyrics were probably meant in a way different context but "check yoself before you wreck yoself" comes to mind. It's all about money and furthering the careers of the upper echelon in business and rarely do they give more than a perfunctory shit about you. My breakfast is a reality check which confirms that the upcoming vacation is not just going to be fun but is necessary to my health as a person. Time to Viva la Vida. 

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