Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 2 - Colorado

Yesterday was fairly uneventful and consisted of simply pounding out a bunch more miles to get into Colorado. A few things of note:
We stopped by Martinelli's Little Italy in Selina, Kansas who's salad was apparently featured in USA Today recently. I thought the food was good as well as the service but I honestly would take my grandmother's salad over theirs any day.
There was a cop in an SUV on the side of the road blocking a gigantic bull who had escaped the fence from getting onto the highway. When I say gigantic, this thing was the size of the police vehicle. I've never seen bovine that large before. Unfortunately we passed too quickly to take a photo of the officer doing a good deed for a farm animal.
After unpacking at the campground in Colorado, we decided to go get beer at the gas station across the street. I don't know if its a state law but neither gas station by us sold beer and we had to walk a ways down the road to a liquor store. Ironic that I could buy weed (if I could find a dispensary) but not beer at a gas station.
Sitting in the peaceful evening drinking our beer my girlfriend commented on how it was funny that people were inside their campers watching TV. Every time I get away from normal life and slow down, I realize how much of what we put importance on is bullshit. Sure, I enjoy watching TV shows, going out, etc but I could do without a lot of the things in normal life and be way happier and more peaceful. There are so many convenient things around in our modern society to "drug" ourselves with instead of getting out into life and doing what is in our hearts. I had several people seem to be in awe when they heard about this trip and my response was "dude, you can do it too. Just choose a place and get in your car and go".
A song that keeps coming to my head (ironically written on a TV show) is Going Where I Need to Be. Check it out and maybe help my buddy out by purchasing it.

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