Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 3 - The Importance of Planning

As much of an impulsive, let's do this shit now kind of person as I am, I haven't ever really done anything like this trip. Sure I moved across the country a couple times trying to start a new career more or less flying by the seat of my pants but it was chaotic at best. I learned something each time and put more thought and some planning into each successive attempt however, I still am not the greatest at mapping out a course or stops ahead of time. Looking back, the few leisure trips I have taken by myself could have been much better if I had made some preparations in advance and were really only saved by the friends I was visiting in the area.

My girlfriend parrots her father's mantra "not planning is planning to fail" and I'm starting to agree. If it wasn't for her attention to the logistics, this trip would probably be a bit of a cluster fuck. It sunk in today that I would have driven way out here and then made an expression like a quizzical dog: head cocked to the side, ears up with a "what are we going to do?" face. We stopped off at Garden of the Gods and Royal Gorge which were cool but slightly underwhelming. While both were beautiful, there were a good many tourists and the suspension bridge was closed at the gorge so we only were able to see it from a distance where it could have been made out of silly string for all we knew. I'm glad we stopped but am really looking forward to big parts of the trip that are ahead where we can get out and explore on our own.

Technology is great but sometimes putting your trust in it can come back to bite you in the ass. Terminator or IRobot anyone? We were following the GPS and for some reason it directed us on a circuitous route but it still turned out okay because we got to see some beautiful country side that we probably wouldn't have seen otherwise. Check out my instagram to see some of the wonderful things we have seen so far.

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