Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pushed From Grace

This afternoon I was listening to a story about a real life 21 Jump Street that took place in Florida and it reminded me of a line from a book I just finished: "some people fall from grace, others are pushed". The radio story delved into the life of a high school student who as he fell for the under cover officer went to great lengths to procure weed for her because she asked him to. At so many points in time she pushed him along a path that he wouldn't have normally traveled which culminated when he finally got the weed and was arrested. He was going to give it to her because he was in love (or infatuated) but she insisted on paying for it so that she could make the bust. Now he has a felony charge on his record and 3 years probation. I believe people are ultimately responsible for their own actions and I may seem like a judgmental asshole with posts like yesterdays; however, I also think it's complete bullshit that we are pushing people from grace.

After getting into an argument with a good friend on facebook over what I had written yesterday I thought about it and realized that it's really just me being angry at people being apathetic and blaming their problems on everyone else. On the flip side, I also realized that I am furious with all the corporations and political interests that are using their power to push people towards what serves their interests. Tonight my girlfriend and I watched an amazing video about some women who have designed houses for refugees out of recycled wooden pallets. The homes are beautiful, inexpensive and downright amazing but the designers commented that they don't understand why the model isn't being adopted globally. It comes down to greed and personal interests of the powers that be which made me realize that I'm not just annoyed at slack handed citizens but also at the people who hold the influence in the world. You couldn't erect one of these pallet houses in most parts of America because it wouldn't be sanctioned by the building department since it doesn't fit into their paradigm. Advertising, laws, climbing the ladder and our culture in general are the catalyst to other individuals failures. Let's stop pushing people to and over the edge but instead offer a hand to guide them in a more beneficial direction. I understand some people will never choose the better path and continue to jump. All I can say is "fuck them" but many people are in the middle ground that just need the right influence. To me, that's what defines being liberal - giving people a hand up when they need it. Not pushing everyone that's questionable over the edge because it makes my life more successful.

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