Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rest and Re-supply

After traveling nearly 5500 miles we are back home. I'm calling this the "rest and re-supply" phase which basically means we have to make more money so we can head back out. All those hours and miles spent together were a great test of this new relationship which we passed marvelously. I wasn't really nervous simply because of how the relationship came about but still, trips can do funny things to people - "it's the way of the road". We got together shortly after a previous relationship had ended and I had decided that the whole romantic arena could bite me for the foreseeable future. We met last year but I had at least one incorrect notion about her and was prejudiced to the point that I didn't pay any attention to her or think of her as anyone I would ever date. All that changed rapidly as we began hanging out as friends after my breakup and my prejudices were quickly dispelled. You never know when life is going to throw a wonderful surprise your way so it pays to keep an open mind and go with the flow. 

The 2.5 weeks on the road felt like a month (in a great way) and we were both sad to return home. I commented as we were nearly back how it will be nice to flop into our bed and put all our stuff away but it didn't feel like home - home is the transient places we find adventures in. Supposedly people didn't pay attention to clocks very much or have any sort of synchronization between towns clocks until the railroad came through necessitating cohesiveness for catching trains. I imagine that before trains, life probably felt a lot like being out camping. Unless you structured your life around church or weekly social activities, you would lose track of the days of the week living more in the moment. They say time flies when you're having fun but I think it's more in relation to paying attention to the seconds ticking away on a watch or cellphone. Living outside of time, a schedule and expectations was completely relaxing despite some semi-grueling hikes. After six months of ridiculously long weeks, this break was exactly what was needed. 

Campgrounds have always appealed to me because they contain nomadic people of varying intensities. Some tent camp, others have home spun campers made out of old airport shuttle busses while others live luxuriously in RVs with ridiculous names like Seneca, Intruder, and Leprechaun. No matter what level of money invested or comfort lived in, these folks are all my type of people to some extent. We met an older couple that live out of one of the tear drop style campers and they regaled us with stories of their travels around the world, Antartica being the most intriguing to me. 

Yesterday we literally exited the highway near our house and went straight to the tattoo shop to get tattoos of one of the pictographs we had seen. There are times in your life where an experience defines your future like my first day on set - I knew it was going to become a part of my life. This trip has changed my life in that I always wanted to have adventures but now that I have, I know it's not something I can put aside. Work will punctuate the adventures simply as an enjoyable practicality not as a daily grind that I slowly watch my life disappear into. 

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