Monday, July 21, 2014

Side Pieces

A few days back I caught a snippet of the Espys where Drake performed a couple songs one of which was about side pieces. Everyone was laughing (some looking slightly more uncomfortable than others) because everyone knows it's just the way most people of note behave. Apparently in the real world very few people take sex all that seriously which is hard for me to wrap my head around. The way I was raised placed a high value on sexual intimacy which I adhered to. Now I feel my perspective was akin to putting something pedestrian like banana peels on a pedestal while everyone else just throws them down the garbage disposal which makes me feel like a chump to say the least. 

Some people trade sex as a commodity but I find that kind of sad particularly for women. It's like a stock option who's intrinsic value decreases over time when you could have been investing in a bond. Maybe some people don't have that desire for a long term companion but eventually it seems like the loneliness will overtake you like a storm cloud beating down on a ship without an anchor. I probably have a highly over romanticized view of relationships but I feel like it should be analogous to buying a new car when you are young and then holding onto it till it's a classic years later. It takes a lot of work to keep it in pristine condition which may be a pain in the ass but is worth it. All the guys I've seen who have held onto their "baby" for years cherish that hunk of metal. I understand that the analogy falls apart a little because a lover isn't an object you buy but hopefully the point still comes through. 

Apparently I am an outlier in today's society but I am trying to wrap my mind around this because the idea of people being okay with "side pieces" and random sex troubles me and I don't like being troubled. I may never understand because I missed that period in life where most people go crazy in their teens and 20s and it would be irresponsible and inappropriate at this stage. I've been able to work past many of the bizarre things I was taught as a kid but this is one that just doesn't want to die. I suppose I don't have much of a way to wrap this up except that it's on my mind and it's bothering the fuck out of me. 

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