Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Darkness

I close my eyes and see it there
The darkness coming closer
Creeping in like a storm cloud over the plains
Closer and closer till it's partially over my head
I see the twisted smile, the hideous faces
They try to scare me, make me run
I'm not a child anymore - they can't hurt me
As I look into the face of evil I say "hi"
I have the moon at my back
She keeps me from being swallowed by darkness
"What do you want" I ask "show me your worst"
The faces writhe from one grotesque rendition of evil to another
As if the fury will unseat me
Still I sit, staring, unmoved
Fear rendered powerless when you let go
Though the world crumble I will thrive
The moon at my back
Staring down the blackness

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