Friday, July 4, 2014

Weak Links

Numerous of my online acquaintences have been venting about the Supreme Courts decision regarding Hobby Lobby and their unwillingness to pay for birth control. I wouldn't have said anything except that someone posted a meme last night taking a jab at the decision that said "I'm going to quit paying my student loans because it's against my religion. In the bible debts are forgiven every seven years". I'm quite tired of people having absolutely no logical assessment of situations and arguing emotionally with non-sequiturs. Grow up people, that's how children react - based off of their emotions. 

Discussing this with my girlfriend last night she said "pick a side and get off the fence". To be clear, I think Hobby Lobby's beliefs are stupid but I also think they are completely entitled to make those kind of decisions regarding what they will and will not cover with their money. No one is forcing you to work there, hell almost every job I have ever had didn't provide any kind of insurance so the fact that they provide any coverage is a benefit. I understand how people feel like this is part of a vendetta against women but I guarantee you that if condoms were $50 a piece and were something health insurance would cover, Hobby Lobby wouldn't want to pay for them either. It has nothing to do with trying to oppress women but all about them not wanting to pay for what they would see as meddling with God's will. 

I am not on the fence because there isn't a fence to be on. Many people in the world have come to think that they are owed certain things but it's completely without merit unless there is some kind of cosmic rule book. I am very thankful that we have rights in America however, unless there is a higher power that says "you deserve xyz as a human" then it's simply a feeling you and maybe a bunch of other people hold. Don't tell me morality is subjective and then talk out of the other side of your mouth about how people are owed things because that is a contradiction. I do agree with much of the "liberal agenda" because I believe there is some higher power that wants us to treat each other with respect; however, I cannot get behind people being whiny, emotional cunts. If you believe birth control for women should be readily available then go out and develop an over the counter product that is safe and inexpensive. Is it unfair that the onus is mostly on women to prevent pregnancy? No, it's just nature and many aspects of life aren't fair. Having a vagina is just as "unfair" as the guy born without arms who plays guitar with his feet. He didn't complain "why don't they make guitars for armless people" but adapted and figured out a way to make it work for him. Adapt and be an adult. Even if Hobby Lobby's choice was purely because they hated women, you still have the opportunity to create options outside of the realm of their authority. America is not the great country it used to be because a majority of people think they deserve someone else solving their problems and handing them a comfortable life. You can sincerely believe you are owed things and I sincerely hope that evolution takes you out because you aren't strong - you are the weakest link. 

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