Sunday, July 13, 2014

When Everything is Special, Nothing is

Driving into Arches National Park yesterday, I was struck with how many people were there because of the accessibility afforded by the paved roads throughout the park. While I don't want to be some kind of elitist, I think it's unfortunate that things are so accessible these days requiring only a perfunctory effort to experience. It used to be that only the most adventurous people would see the wonders of the world because they required determination not sitting in your car with the AC cranked to snap photos with a telephoto lens. Everyone wants to feel special or famous these days (I blame reality TV) while most of them are just ordinary or are talented but lacking drive. It generally takes a lot of hard work, determination, and time to achieve success and the things you want. When everything is special, then nothing is. We need to quit paving roads for people because if you want it, you should have to work for it damnit.

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