Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Analogies Are Like...

I speak in similes and analogies perpetually / like an addict that's jonesing for a hit of speed. My drug of choice is being understood / but the dealers claim they're out / chase me out of the hood. I need it so much, I swear it keeps me alive, I'll go to great lengths to elucidate my side. Debase myself and share too much, hoping for a fix that rarely shows up. I'm my own TMZ just without a lawyer / council counsels me to try a 12 step but I get stuck in the foyer. 

I'm not crazy, I make sense just listen please, you choose to be as blind as a bat with Beats on crashing into trees. 
I'm sorry if you guys get lost / can't follow my logic / like in a house of mirrors on an island / a purgatory you can't find your way off of. My reflecting is reflected in the words I use / they're not big concepts, but you're fucking confused. / Your brain is a bloody snow globe / when you bump into a wall you don't look for the door just accept it's the end all / be all you want, you're a fucking free human you don't have to keep living like you are Truman. I'm making analogies to open up your mind, maybe if I take religion out of the equation it will make sense this time. 

It's like you were born, had some experiences, then shut down your brain, don't let anything near it / hate that dissonant pain. That wasn't an analogy this time it's a fucking fact, you're stuck in the quagmire, glen came on your back. 
You've made up your mind, all debate is closed / a cold case who's facts will go unnoticed. That grey matter is as useless as what's in a cadaver / you're like one of the idiots who stands on the top of a ladder. Ignoring the warnings, eschewing the advice / if evolution worked in our culture, you'd be deselected from life. 

I'm used to the blind, self deluded, bigotry, but I'll keep using analogies and big words, they're the bees knees indubitably. If they sting, you should probably face the pain / it's a wake up call, you're life your life's a sham shame.
I shouldn't be able to fly but I fucking am / I've got an arsenal of barbs like a Blackhawk in Iran. I'm not trying to be mean, just understood and maybe change the world / do some lasting good. 

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