Thursday, August 14, 2014

Failure Is An Option

When you are raised in a delusional religious culture that teaches erroneous formulas for life, it's a huge slap in the face when you encounter reality. I suppose that is the case for any delusional person seeing outside their bubble; however, when God is involved, you feel extra betrayal because it wasn't just you that you were doing all this for - the supreme being lied to you. Life isn't a formula and while there are some things that will help you out in life (my rules for life post encapsulates what I feel is helpful), one of the most important things a parent can teach their child is that failure is an option: in fact it's not a big deal. 

If I had felt that failure was permissible, the undercurrent of anxiety I lived with for years wouldn't have tormented me. It is okay to fail and it's actually good in some instances. You learn more from failures many times than the successes. Failure shows you what you are and what you aren't: it's a mirror of who you are and not what you may have trumped up in your mind. So what, you failed, get back up, assess, adjust and do better the next time. 

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