Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Game Show Star

She quit the game cause she already played it / left the fame like a snake skin shed it / back when she was young it all seemed worth it, the life of a celebrity, her only purpose.

Dreams were her fuel mixed with rage / punched a hole through that ticket to break out of the cage.
Prove them all wrong but really prove it to herself, she was beautiful, special, different from everyone else. 

Poverty and tears slowly turned to fame / strangers knew her name, critics praised / but the demons won't be quiet like an incurable plague.
Hasn't grown up enough to know herself / pressured to be something different to everyone else. 
Self destruction proves she's not being controlled / she cuts herself on the glamorous lies they sold / snorts up the cloud of evaporating beauty / fucks random strangers to distract from the fury. 

The gold and the lights claimed to equal her worth but the scales started tipping, footing slipping, eventually realizing / it's all a sham / a pipe dream, filled with emotional sewage / mainline to the blood stream a fugazi of fame / it will never fill that hole of self hating shame. 

Finally had enough, vaulted off that triple beam stuck the landing everybody screamed
"Don't leave us, we need you, our fangs will run dry without you to bleed we won't stay alive"
It's all about them and never about you like a toddler screaming in their terrible twos. 

Finally told her agent "you gotta quit trying"
Told herself "I'm sick of the lying"
Found help learning to love herself / emotional masturbation with Buddy the Elf / you gotta do you despite the judgement, it was her life to be lived how ever she wanted. 

Rage slowly dissipated as she came into her own / no longer trying to control the unknown. Passions focused now with nothing to prove / she knows who she is without the family feud. 
The surveys are bullshit, the sample group lies, the channels been changed - fuck that lame prize. 

She quit the game, cause she saw everyone had lost it
Found herself - she was always that picture in the locket. 

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