Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It All Ends Eventually

Many times I have become stressed by an unpleasant job or situation and all my attention is turned to how I can extricate myself as quickly as possible. Unfortunately there are many things in life that suck so when you are constantly trying to avoid all the unpleasantries, you never get anywhere. You aren't going to reach a destination on the other side of a mountain range if you keep taking an easier path every time the one you are on begins to grow steep. If you do somehow make it by circumnavigating the obstacle, you will have wasted a ton of time. 

The truth is that virtually everything ends eventually pleasant or unpleasant whether it be a job, a relationship or life as a whole. People love to tell a freshly inked person "you know that's permanent". First of all - no shit, but secondly, no, it's really not. When you die, if there is an afterlife, your body is gone and decomposed and you'll have a new canvas to draw upon. I remind myself to push through the tough times because before I know it the situation (or life) will be over and it will be on to whatever, if anything, is next. 9.8 times out of 10 what you are going through is not that bad compared to what is possible. You can hold on till a forward, positive change is an option leaving all the circuitous bullshit to the people who have no patience or determination. 

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