Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's All Your Fault

We built it up then I knocked it down / disintegrated so fast like I dropped and F Bomb on your town / the hit leaves you still standing just rips out your insides / makes you feel like you couldn't give two shits to keep being alive / I straight up flushed us cause I don't shit where I eat / this marriage was all shitkabobs / I looked like methed out skinny Pete. 

I know we said forever but they said the water wasn't deep / like i took off my floaties to wade in the side that's 12 feet / I hit the bottom so fast I didn't know which way was up / felt like I was buried alive but no one gave a fuck / down twice as deep as all the stiffs without a care / it could be six inches or a million, they're not hard up for air / hard on myself cause I can't even jack it / "that's like cheating in your mind" - fucking goddamn fantastic. 

We had all you babies cause in the back of my mind / you seemed to bring joy and purpose / I must be illegally blind / I was trying to get out of prison using you poor kids as a buffer / now you're life dropped to 56k, I'm sorry you have to suffer / through stuttering and stopping watching life in slow motioning / as what you thought was secure got washed away by the ocean / you want it to go back to the way it used to be / but sandcastles can't be fixed when they get beaten by Cs / c u n Ts all need a lesson / throw a dyke in their way for some added protection. 

Years of extra memories that your siblings don't have / more time to get used to a mom and a dad / it's snowing year round since your globe got shook / life's like a robot with Parkinson's - it's motor skills suck / there's aftershocks when people tell you this isn't how life works / fucking with your head, while you try to dig out / but their manual is an etch a sketch strapped to a snow blower / conveniently erased so they can change it on a whim / though they act like it's tattooed on gods arms with a pin. 

You don't have to like me but I'll always be your dad / loving you still in the times you are mad. I know it's rough but I'm doing my best / to clean up what hurricane mom did in the ninth ward of my chest / the demons were looting / cops indiscriminately shooting / it's the innocents catching bullets / victims of this condition called human. The only Kevlar I can give you is advice and love / those hits are gonna hurt but won't send you above.

Life is rough, we don't get to decide if a ticket's booked in our name / we're just here for the ride / it all goes by quick like vanishing fog / just throw your hands up and enjoy the free fall / accept your infinitely small place on times infinite line / expectations will fuck you harder than all of death row combined / keep your head up and know you're always in my heart / it's not over till your last breath / you're going to be fine / never out of mind though I only get to see you every once in a while / you're my daughter, my little girl,  Siobhan, I love you to death. 

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