Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Public Life

I've been told numerous times throughout my life "only say something if you don't care who hears it". I try to live by that but let it slide recently and am facing the consequences. A conflict arose in the last few months between myself and a boss (also a friend) that I wasn't sure how to handle (and I don't know if they even knew it was a problem) so I vented a little to a couple people instead of going and talking to my friend directly. The truth is I wasn't sure how to handle the situation and was hoping that distance and time would make it better. Much of the problem stems from issues with my mother in childhood not allowing me to let things my boss said or did  roll of my back sending my stress level through the roof. I was hoping that maybe distance was the best solution but I also vented to a couple people because I wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy. Unfortunately one or more people talked, word got back to my friend and now there is a lot of hurt and anger that has yet to be resolved.

Hopefully we'll get this straightened out but the take away for today is that going to the person you have the problem with is best way to handle a situation if you value the relationship. Additionally, know that anything you say (even in confidence) has a high probability of getting out because most people can't keep their traps shut. Live life like it was a reality show and you aren't in control of the editing suite. 

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