Monday, August 11, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

I have only seen probably two movies with Robin Williams (Goodwill Hunting and Jumangi) but his suicide today is still sad to me. Goodwill Hunting impacted me significantly when I was trying to escape from the world my parents had created and forced me into. I will never forget watching Robin portray true love and acceptance - something I never felt my entire life.  Most people who use their lives to entertain other people are doing so because there is deep sadness within themselves and by bringing joy to others they are hoping to somehow convince themselves that they are worthwhile humans and should stick around. As someone who has dealt with these feelings in the past, I assure you you that no on can fill that void save for your acceptance of yourself. It's a difficult road to climb and my heart breaks for those who feel there is no more use for them here on earth before their bodies wear out. I have been there and know the pain but you leave so many behind hurting. Please, hug those around you and let them know you care and if you are one of those who is hurting, know that whatever problems you feel are insurmountable, they are just things and you can overcome them.

A heavy heart goes out to all of you touched by this loss especially those in the entertainment industry. While this business may look glamorous, it's filled with hurting people who just want to be understood, loved and validated. Please don't give up if you are hurting and know that even if the world seems like it's falling down around you, there is always hope.

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