Monday, September 1, 2014

A Matter of Principles

While celebrity sex tapes and nude photos being leaked are nothing new, the latest exposure of several celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, made conversation today by the people I was hanging around. I don't mean to be judging anyone and hope that this doesn't come across as "holier than thou" but as a matter of principle I refuse to look at any of JLaw's (or the other celebs) pics leaked pictures. They were not for my eyes and not released with her approval so as a matter of respect, I will abstain. Do I know her or would it make any difference in the world if I did look? No, it doesn't amount to a hill of beans of difference in the grand scheme of things. However, despite not making an iota of difference to the course of the world, if we don't have principles that we stick to, then what do we have? 

My principles are probably stupid to most people but whether they be right, wrong or neutral, I believe in sticking to what you believe in despite the impact it may or may not have. I generally do not watch horror movies because I don't like people being evil for the sake of evil however, something about characters like Javier Bardem played in No Country For Old Men (I know it's not a horror film) do not bother me. Yes, they are doing evil things but it's based on a principle not random choices. Emotions are what make us human but it is principles that are needed as a check and balance against those emotions. Most people who are professional card players or stock traders will tell you that they have a set of guidelines  they follow and when they don't, that's when they fuck up. 

You can change what you believe as time wears on and you see things differently because of experiences that you have but if you have some principles, if nothing else, hold them sacred because otherwise we are left with varying stages of chaos.

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