Friday, September 12, 2014

Undead Dreams

They chase me through my dreams
Decomposing flesh and bones
Desiring to feast on me
Insatiable hunger for life 
Feral zombies roam

Without haste they pursue
Yet still feels like they are closing in
If I don't exhaust myself 
I'll soon be one of them

Somehow I'm burdened with a child
Inconvenient for quick flight
This responsibility unasked for
But can't in good conscience leave
I fear will be my downfall, the vicious end of me. 

A stroller wheel catches in the mud
As we make across a meadow
The hoard of cannibals at my back
Closing in, screaming, necrotic fingers scratch my skin
Suddenly I awake with pounding heart. 

I calm myself with reassuring words
And though zombies are surreal
I fear I will I never rest 
With such terrifying visions in my mind
They're power source nebulous, undefined

The things I want are also what I fear most
Desires turned weights slowing me down
I've got to get somewhere before death comes round
Maybe if I keep moving I can elude, escape
Perpetually in motion a harder victim to take

No one ever escapes the inevitable
Slowly acceptance comes
I'll be overtaken one day
But why poison the interim with anxiety
Making now miserable, frittering days away. 

Thus when I lay back down
The dreams again stir
And zombies crawl out the dirt
To feast upon my flesh
A new tactic I try to tired to resist. 

I sat down upon the grass and watched them gather round
Their faces held confusion that I did not run or fear them now
They stood in a circle unsure of what to do
Then wandered off grunting in search of new prey

Sitting now alone, unmolested, free
I drew my knees to my chest thinking
Why had they dispersed?
Flesh and blood were there not putting up fight
But fear nourishes dream zombies not mortality consumed

Running just spread the scent across the countryside
Like pheromones attracting a mate that wants to eat my insides
Fear embodied searching for fear to feed on
So I let it go, continued sitting
To watch the undead scavengers wander on. 

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