Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Columbusted Day

I peeked at Facebook yesterday and was assaulted by numerous indignant posts about not celebrating Columbus Day because as it turns out, Captain Chris was a horrible person. While I agree that celebrating a degenerate asshole is stupid, people really need to come off it. There are very very few truly good people in the world and even individuals who have done great things for humanity have flaws. We like to select certain portions of someone's life and celebrate it because it encourages us but the fact is almost everyone has had darkness in their lives. Winston Churchill suffered from major depression (and probably other things), Thomas Edison was a thief and an asshole, MLK JR was unfaithful to his wife (as are a lot of men unfortunately) - I could go on forever. Just look at the dude that make the video about Kony, shortly after all the buzz he was arrested for being indecent in public. 

There is a growing trend fueled by sites like upworthy where people are being confronted with perceived injustices and start bandwagonning. That isn't necessarily a bad thing because there is a lot of evil shit in the world but what lasting good are you doing? I'm all for making people's lives better and exposing truth but that doesn't fix the human condition. Nearly every time America has interfered in another countries affairs because we thought we were helping, it ends up backfiring like when we trained and supplied the Taliban with weapons which were then aimed at us. You can't slap band aids on a chest cavity that is split wide open and expect success. 

Is there someone better than Columbus to celebrate? Probably, but part of our problem is that we want heroes when everyone is just human. If you know enough about someone they will disappoint you eventually - some to greater levels than others. Our mindset of how we view humanity needs to change at a fundamental level. The high-horse-self-righteous-bullshit needs to stop because while it's partially well intentioned, it's also just pretentious anger masked as being a decent human. Everyone wants to feel like a good person and like they have overcome their issues but that is accomplished on the inside not through spouting rhetoric. Are we angry about things being forced on us for centuries and people being treated poorly? Sure, but instead of getting indignant about what was done in the past, live the life you believe in now without fanfare. 

I was raised in a homeschool cult and a lot of people I know are holding onto anger and bitterness towards the founder into their adulthood. I don't give two shits about what Bill Gothard because I've moved on. In my opinion, long term anger is symptomatic of hurts that haven't healed. When you heal you are free to simply be what you want life to look like because you are no man's prisoner. Instead of celebrating dead people or people you don't really know, lets celebrate the decent people around us each day. Thank someone who brings joy to your work, school, home and don't wait till they are dead. Tend the garden in your own backyard. 

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