Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's Raining, Shit

They say shit flows down stream / rolls down hill and in my current job there are days I get steam rolled by giant turds. There are about 6 people on higher but different branches that either directly fling poo my way or at someone just above me which of course filters down. Contemplating my position on the totem pole, I thought for a second that I was the last stop or if you will, the shit basin but realized that's only because I refuse to pass it on. Shit stops with whoever decides to stop the momentum. I could take out my stress on other guys in my department or my girlfriend when I get home or kick a dog or something but that's just being a terrible person. You can either let it wash over you and become filth yourself or you can let it bounce off as if you were coated with tephlon. 

Not absorbing the nastiness is tough because everyone wants to be liked and respected however, if you don't let things like work define you, then you have nothing to protect because your identity isn't being assaulted. If someone gets on my case I try to raise an eyebrow like "really dude?" and move on but if they start being abusive then I'll tell them what I think because I don't care if I'm fired. Life isn't worth spending time around assholes all day. My motto is "be the change (or energy) you want in the world". Next time you are feeling the fecal rain just get out an umbrella and don't take it out on someone else. 

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