Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Power Grab

Earlier today I was thinking about posting a question on Facebook "if there was a pill available to give you a random super power but it had a 50% chance of killing you, would you take it?" I've been thinking a lot about wizards because I've been reading the Dresden File books and people with super powers (because of the show in working on) and have day dreamed a little about what it would be like to have some kind of special abilities. Initially I thought I would take the fictitious pill I was positing but after more consideration I'm not so sure. 

See, most of us want control in our lives because we don't want to deal with the bullshit life throws at us and we don't like feeling unsafe. People talk about a level playing field for corporations, the rich etc which in essence is stripping them of  their power. Lack of control is to some extent what makes us human. Those in history who have tried to grasp for control almost always are assholes whether they start that way or become evil. Think about the cops you've run across; most of the obnoxious ones got a badge because they had little man syndrome or something similar and found a way to mitigate that. Power isn't a bad thing - in the proper hands it helps retain order in the world; however, seeking power out is what corrupts us. I'm not opposed to gun ownership but find it distasteful to see people carrying assault rifles through Walmart because all they really are trying to portray is "you can't fuck with us" and posturing is always obnoxious. 

The claim "the love of money is the root of all evil" is in essence "the love of power" because whether it's money, weapons, sex, authority - they all are branches of the same tree. At this point in my life I probably shouldn't take a super power pill if it was an option because wanting power is the first sign you shouldn't have it. 

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