Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pursuing Unknown Expectations

I've journeyed far, over mountains, through deserts
Towards the destination my heart yearned for
A beautiful panorama where I would feel at home
Each landscape on the way ignored,
They were not what I envisioned
When finally I arrived in that promised land
Joy and happiness filled my heart but only for a while
For soon a storm came and battered upon my head
As wind and rain assaulted
This sanctuary now was tarnished 
I drew back up hurling myself after whispers of a better place
Yet time and again my journeys end became only a temporary stop
For nothing I imagined lived up to what I expected them to be
At some time or another they did not shelter from monsters or storms
Exhausted and betrayed I lay down upon the path
Unconcerned by the vultures circling overhead
I considered whether there may yet still be a perfect place out there to find
Slowly I discovered that it was my expectations who betrayed me
The journey was only marginally about my passion for serene beauty
Subconsciously my destinations were synonymous with safety
But nothing is a perfect shield no matter how splended it seems
The best I can do is steel my soul by killing expectations
No longer chasing what cannot be offered
I accepted the inbetween places, wandering now carefree 
I do not hurry, I do not fret over adversity that may come
Destinations will still be chosen but not to fill a need
Each bit along the way now enjoyed
Content with every step
Not seeking what can't be found, I am truly free

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