Friday, October 10, 2014

Shifting Gears

I used to think that if you simply worked hard you would get ahead in life but after 15 years of being an employee in various industries I'm realizing that hard work will only get you in the door. A few days ago I was listening to a guy talk about being a child and trying to race against a friend on a ten speed bicycle with his single speed. He said he realized that no matter how hard he pumped he would not be able to catch up with his friend and something clicked in my mind. I've always worked hard but only in a few instance has it been recognized and rewarded to some extent. For the most part, the bosses are just happy that I am making money for them. There's a point where you are so poor that you cannot invest in anything and saving is virtually useless no matter how Clark Howard you get with your life. The stage inbetween poverty and wealth is where it's very important to learn how to shift gears. 

To be successful you need to start off slowly and learn how to handle the speed you are going but also learn when to click to the next gear. A lot of people want to go 0-500 instantly but accelerate too quickly and you will rip your face off. That's what happens to a lot of child stars or people born into wealth - they have no clue how to handle it. If you learn how to shift up, you'll also know how and when to shift back down when a hill comes instead of stalling out and having to walk that bitch up.

I've gotten out of the "so poor I don't have two nickels to rub together" spot and am looking for how and when to click to the next gear. It can be daunting because I may make a mistake but that's part of the learning process and confidence comes with experience. I realized yesterday that a good way to detach myself from a lot of the fear and stress in day to day life is to not let things be my identity that I cannot control. Some of the more difficult people to work for are those whose identity is their job (of course some are just plain assholes). Instead of doing a good job and leaving it at that, they are afraid of mistakes and losing their connection to part of what makes them feel special. When you know how you got to where you are you aren't afraid of not being able to get back there and when your happiness isn't tied to that location then you will enjoy life a lot more. 

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