Friday, October 3, 2014

The Pool

Along a mountain path I climbed surveying the land I inhabited
Littered about were patches bare of vegetation
Except for the carcasses of unfortunate animals 
Victims of an unknown predator
I wondered what could cause such death until I reached the peak
Where sat a crater brimming with a dark and sinister liquid 
Slowly boiling, swirling, the acrid stink of death emanated
Dark as unrefined oil yet smooth and thin as silk
I thought to cast a stone into the heart of the pond
Yet reconsidered for fear of breaking the tension holding the surface together
Every attempt I made to cover over the pit was in vain
No barriers could withstand the acid vapor 
Eventually they would be breached
Collapsing inward overwhelming the pools sides
Rivers of destruction once again flowing like tears down the mountains face
I learned to sit vigilant fending off the crows 
The dark birds liked to drop pebbles in gaining meals left by the overflow
If uncovered and unmolested evaporation slowly reduced the danger
Molecules hand in hand not stretched in effort to keep from spilling over
And as the liquid vanished a form took shape lying at the bottom
Then I knew the crater must be drained no matter what the cost
To lay the soul to proper rest and cause destruction to cease
A channel cut, the river ran down
Down, absorbed by the foothill's soil
Finally empty the crater revealed the body of a child
Abused and slain, thrown away for quite some while
Rotting in that pit, contaminating the rain, poisoning the mountain
Somberly I gather the poor child's frame to carry down the mountain to a proper grave
I did not look close till he lay interred pondering what to words to speak
As my eyes searched his face
What I had not seen before
Was plain as day now
The child was me
I mourned what had been forgotten
I mourned but also rejoiced
The crater was at last clean 

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