Sunday, October 26, 2014

Unintegrated Sir Quits

I'm trying to wade through the evidence falsified / cause skewed facts nearly put me away for life
I thought it was true, entered a nolo plea, put on that jump suit, threw away the keys
Then slowly my sentence struck me as false, I was brainwashed into confinement behind these walls /
I finally escaped after nearly 30 years, but justice feels like it just is another fucked up sphere /
Now a free man, blinking in the sun, pushing away tears, while holding a gun / I might just do it, got nothing to lose except more years of taking abuse

Trying to assimilate to being outside is causing more questions than in the 8x5 / I've lost my bearings, security stripped away, messed up like a Power tripping balls on Sway /
Nothing makes sense to my overloaded senses / I need a Sensei's blade to cut through the tension /
Slice through the wires, sever the plug, my CPU's burning up, over clocked, almost fucked. /
Screw Batman I'm breaking Freeze out of Arkham Asylum / he'll keep me on ice till I debug this problem / Gotta keep cool so the smoke doesn't pop / blast my neurons with lead as liquid copper runs out.

Searching for answers to a question as broad as the lenses for capturing plus size broads / why are we here, just living to pay bills? / That's a shitty fucking reason, I don't want either pill. / Red or blue, both realities sucks, you're either a doped up drone or a tormented fuck. /
I stare into the dark thinking and searching, I'll find another way Morph, were I'm not constantly hurting. /
And I won't do it with morphine, coke, or tramadol, I'd rather shove an ice pick in my eye socket, while taking a shot / blissful ignorance in my glass, labotomys up /

What makes something right if there isn't a god? Can I chop of an arm or a security guard /
shoplift from his store with the severed digits, then beat the wrap and rap about it cause I didn't leave my own prints? / That's fucked up and sick right? but I'm not done cause I'll fuck his girl with his cold stiff thumb till she cums / but I'm not a monster, I'd microwave it first, hit rewarm for a quick 30 second burst / 
then feed her his sausage with a scrambled eggs breakfast / my brain is so scrambled I even stole her a present / a pearl necklace from the store her boyfriend was guarding / we're getting married next week while that dickless, one armed, rent a cop lays dying. 

Does might make right or are we obligated to restrain survival of the fittest like handicaps in a game? / Handicaps and minorities are taking over the world, soon we'll have bathrooms for guys dressed as girls. / we'll cater to everyone while cooking up / a cluster fuck in the kitchen / the lines backed way up / the menu is long enough to tie a noose / I should put my head in now, they've cooked my goose / I'm up to my neck, had it up to here / so fed up with society I'm foie gras schmear

I want answers but Jeeves said to ask Siri who said the mean of life was 42 - "fuck you bitch you hear me?" / Google just gave me some existential wiki, I'm going postal on gmail like Megatron on Witwicki. / There's probably no meaning it's just a cruel game / like burning ants with a magnifier / watching them burst into flame / but I keep on hoping, wishing and intently staring / into the night like an owl / hoping for an answer and someone caring. 

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