Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Storm That Needs A Storm

Weather raging, beating, bashing 
Most run for cover, to safety
Watching with dismay at a deluge of rain
Terrified by bolts of lightening splitting the sky
Howling wind a ghoulish unwanted intruder
Removed from full sensation of nature's inconvenient character
Their lives become more pleasant
Pleased with their resistant shelter
A watcher waits, they do not weather
No need to feel the storm.

But I am not a watcher, I cheerfully weather storms
I long for days of gloomy grey when clouds out pour
Pattering rain drowns out
Gently falling snow absorbs
Cacophonous noises of the world
The final intrudence into my life by the species I abhor
I am alone now embracing the storm
Covered by my jacket but still feeling
Rain drops hit fabric massaging like liquid fingers
Cold wind dragging across my cocooned face
I feel safe while the elements batter upon my form
Something finally holding up for me against a storm

Watchers need not weather
There is no storm that needs a storm
Never needing to escape unpleasantness with similar of the same
I am a weatherer, I'm used to inclemency
With no nurture, I chose nature
Finding haven in a coaxial storm
In my element with the elements
In the midst of the winds, rain and snow
I am safe

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