Sunday, November 23, 2014


A puff and the ember rises in brilliance
As I watch her pace in the falling night
Gusting winds blow the smoke away
Vanishing like time marked by our age
Memories compressed, years fading to grey
Silently she trods

Back and forth like a caged bear
Pounding out thoughts into the cement
Each footstep takes her away then back again
Our minds both swirling undoubtedly about each other
Visible yet out of reach like light from twinkling stars
I'm only an observer through the listless smoke reminiscent of the war

The cigarette expired, maybe I'll light another
A soldier post battle, surveying the wounded
Each puff holding me in place, locking in the moment
She will not stop moving, fleeing the pain
I stand there waiting, watching 
Hoping for more than memories etched in ashes. 

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