Friday, November 21, 2014

The Humingbird

A Humingbird hovered outside my window pane 
Trying to reach the flowers in the vase upon the sill she tapped upon the glass
The bright spring morning bringing beauty to my pain
So I offered an invitation and threw open the frame only to scare her off a while
Whence fright abated she returned and entered my domain
Indulging in the nectar then settling on my bed I thought she perhaps might stay if only fresh flowers were kept
Content we stayed for many months in the comfort of my home
Till I thought she might never leave and pass the years together
But fall began and one cool night I shut the window up
Then began the poor little bird to beat about the glass feeling closed in, imprisoned
I did not want to let her fly but feared she might break her neck
So I opened the portal and shed a tear as she flew away
That beautiful creature was never mine and so I let her go. 

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