Monday, December 1, 2014

Chasing Dragons

I said there are no dragons
You are chasing what isn't there
But perchance you happened upon one
You surely would not survive
A fools errand of braggadocious purport
She said she did not care
At least she dared to believe
Believe in something different, spectacular
Despite what might become her fate
I do not chase dragons
But assert they be fairytales
I spurn the very thought, deceiving myself
For I fear the scaly creature living in my soul
He's buried in that cavity, tail wrapped round my heart
Puffing little bellows, shaking shackles, wanting out
Unwilling to die, but must not be freed
I do not chase dragons about

She tells me not to fear
She will not leave my side
Maybe together we will coax the beast free
Like a feral cat cajoled to leave its wild ways
But not completely, for predictable creatures bore
We both will find a dragon and listen to it roar

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