Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

This year has flown by but so much has happened to reflect upon. I have learned much about myself and life growing much closer to who I want to be. I'm learning to let go of regrets because you can only do the best you knew how at the time and if you knew better then still let it go because it's over and done. Someone on This American Life said "people who live a life of regrets live a life of pain" which I thought was very true. We don't need to be walking around heaping regrets upon ourselves when we are all still growing and becoming better people. There is enough stuff in the world trying to drag you down that focusing on the positives and your progress is imperative to not being sucked into a pit of despair weighted down with baggage that is only as big as we make it.

Another thing I am learning is that there really isn't a perfect time to start being you and pursuing what you dream about. While you might not be able to launch into exactly what you want to do right away, the little ways you reach out and attempt that vision will begin to clear the path and also sharpen your skills. Some times just dipping your toe in the stream will put you around others who will guide you out deeper. If you want to be creative, then create. I was considering my own writing today and know that while things like my poetry may not be amazing, I'm building a body of work and experience. One day if I begin to write things that are speak to others, then they may still find appreciation for all the work coming up to that point. It seems that once you are successful in an area (particularly art) then a switch flips in peoples heads and they suddenly fawn over what would previously have been considered average or juvenile.

If you are someone who has hidden their true personality from a portion of the world (usually it's your family) then being yourself 100% is a great way to clean up the riff raff in your life. Most people want to ease into it because they are afraid of losing people around them but if you lose them by being yourself, you probably don't need them around to begin with. Those people you are afraid of are only going to stymie your efforts at complete self-actualization.

This probably sounds like you just jumped into some kind of bullshit self enlightenment seminar but it's been working for me and I hope that it is of some use to you, further propelling us next year to more peace and happiness.

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