Monday, December 1, 2014

Husks of Men

The glowing furnace casts its orange hue 
As it sinks to find more prey
Fueled by unused potential
Slowly burning away dreams and hopes
Till only husks of men remain

Darkness falls where thoughtful hearts contemplate their fates
How much soul is left before the darkness fills the growing void?
Will we only procreate, providing perpetual fuel?
Offspring doomed, an Ouroboros choking on his tail
More hearts to consume, rendered void, senseless offerings

Does time remain to break free, launch forever into the stars?
Burning out what still is left, shine our own light
Traversing galaxies, accosting the unknown
A blackhole remaining after the last light shudders out
Forever marking the universal canvas, invisible but still a presence
Darkness is inevitable but will not render obscurity
If ever a man can escape the grasp 
From the furnace that only leaves husks of men. 

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