Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mary Todd

People like to attack things in our culture (like the Kardashians) by complaining about some facet of the atrocity capping it off with "that's what's wrong with the world". Most of the time I agree with them but for once I'd like to point out something that is right in the world - Mary Todd Hairdressing Co in Atlanta, GA. Mary Todd is a small shop located on Carroll St. in the section of Atlanta known as Cabbage Town. As soon as you walk in the door you can tell that you are somewhere unique and awesome. It's not just the decor, or the fact that they sell hand crafted items in the display case at the front or that they offer a beer to sip while you get your hair cut; there's a vibe that I find infectious and inspiring. All the employees have impeccable style which I would dub the perfection of hipsterism. The tailored outfits mixing an older style with new flair speak of individuals who take pride in themselves and what they do. This isn't Supercuts so don't expect to get clipped for $15 but then again - that $15 mentality is what's wrong with America. Americans, by and large, want to save as much money as possible on everything so that they can build up this plastic mansion of shit that might look nice from a distance but on close inspection is severely lacking. I've worked in many "fancy" homes that as a former builder of homes, can tell they are simply polished turds. In the end, we have an illusion that falls down around us so we propel ourselves forward to the next thing instead of enabling true craftsmanship - something that will last, absorbing memories and take on a life of it's own. 

While a hair cut is only temporary, the experience is something you take with you. Going to Mary Todd inspires me to leave the facade of western life behind and instead, pursue a life with my own personal character. You can spend money on "nice things" but I'm not talking about a name brand like Eddie Bauer so you can be a pompous asshole. I'm talking about supporting and becoming part of something almost spiritual - a disregard for all the bullshit constantly forced down our throats by corporations. Our world is fast becoming this streamlined, shiny piece of shit where you are a gear in the money machine. Next time you need a haircut, a meal, a gift etc. find a place like Mary Todd and tell the system to go fuck itself. You'll be glad you did. 

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