Wednesday, December 24, 2014

O Holy Night

Driving to my almost-mother-in-laws tonight we were listening to Christmas music when Josh Groban came on the radio singing O Holy Night. The line "in his name all oppression shall cease" struck me like never before. Maybe it's because I had something to do with the creation of Selma arriving in theaters now, or maybe it's just a coincidence, but I thought about all the "good Christian" people who have oppressed so many for their beliefs, skin color, sex of choice, and life choices in general. Regardless of whether you think Jesus was really God or just the parabolic embodiment of good ideals, you would have to agree that those who claim to follow him have seriously fucked up. I bet some of your would be offended by that last sentence but that's my point - it was my choice and doesn't effect you so why care? An individual's level of judgement is proportional to their fear of their own humanity. You think that because you witnessed something you don't want to be a part of you, it's going to somehow contaminate you. Stop being weak - fear isn't holy.

I know fear because I grew up in a culture that was intensely afraid of their humanity but covered it up with rules and judgement. The more you put other people down the safer you feel because you can't be tarnished by the proximity of their embroiling "sins". Oppression is based either in fear or arrogance and the spirit of Christmas is one of humbleness and hope. You don't raise yourself up by putting other people down and standing on their heads or there will be a writing mass just waiting for your to fall so they can devour you. We rise up by being strong ourselves and then lifting the weak on our shoulders till they are capable of standing and doing the same. The world doesn't need judgmental people, it needs strong people.

Wishing you all Christmas filled with love and acceptance for whatever you believe and whatever you are.

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