Friday, December 12, 2014

Quantum Beauty

Sunlight peaked through broken blinds
Wrapping her face in warmth
Glinting off her hair like delicate copper strands
Breaths so soft, body so still: she could have been dead
And I thought if death looked like this, I wanted to die.

She was the kind of girl who made you want to leave all behind
To wander the world as vagabonds
Experiencing everything
Running only from the shackles of time. Time, that was quickly slipping away.

Merely knowing she existed gave life new vibrancy;
A palette of colors my brush had never know
The very thought of us, inspiring the best in me.
Her touch gently brushing away sadness; revealing artifacts of my soul buried long ago. 

From time to time necrotic bones of former lovers protruded from their shallow graves
Attempting to haunt this sacred forest.
But they are dead and shall remain interred.
Decaying leaves, layer by year, slowly covering their bony fingers beckoning: return. 

Entangled we became, separate but linked.
Time nor space impeding or dampening
The actions of one reflected in the expression of the other
Matched direction, synchronized velocity
Searching the limits of the universe. 

Eventually we slowed down, time finally grabbed hold
The sunlight once again bathed her face
Caressing wrinkles, reinvigorating dulled copper locks
Breathless, still beautiful...gone
And I thought if death looked like this, I wanted to die. 

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