Monday, December 8, 2014

Wind Shake Wind Throw

My grandfather who is passed but still my hero wrote this poem and I wanted to pass it on. He wrote it on a piece of birch bark which adds an extra bit of poetry so I will include a snapshot at the end of the post. 

Wind Shake Wind Throw

We the people stand together,
Stand together in a group;
This it had better be
Else we shall hurt and fall.

Trees, high on a hill, stand
Not alone, else wind shake
Splits their bones and aches within;
To stand alone - to hurt to fall. 

Stand not to stand but to support;
To stand apart yet stand together
The help each gives returns to each
In every windward sway, in every weather

The tree lives for the forest,
The forest sustains the tree. 

Edward S Zelazo

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