Thursday, January 8, 2015


The sun and moon shared the same sky this morning;
Two lovers separated by vast distance; Separated by millions of miles and as many years.
She dances around the sun teasing him,  drawing closer, then retreating - a ball of rock and water coming between. 
Impinged affection. 

Reflecting his warmth in her face, she pulls on the earth begging it to stop so they might always be together. 
Slowly, ever so slowly the desire - that great pull of attraction, drags on what affords our very lives. 
Millennia from now she may succeed - their amorous longing rendering an eternal night over half the planet.

While they will never be together - wrapped in an absorbing embrace, they will continually be face to face.
Bidding us farewell, reflecting the sun's smile back at him. 
The moon hidden from earths view as lovers gaze upon one another. 
For now, at opposite ends of our sky yet closest in their orbit, they appear together. 
Declaring one day that regard will be their own uninhibited. 
We will steal their love no more.

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