Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Fugitive

Razor blades, blood stains, almost slicing through veins / I'm cutting it closer than a Mach 3 shave. 
Stick an IV in my arm to assuage this emotional pain / I V for vendetta but not on Guy Fawkes day,
I'm raging against the system every single fucking day like a T 1000 programmed to carry out judgement day / I'm pounding the pavement constantly trying to change / but I keep jacking it hammered soiling the soil with cum stains / I'm hearing complaints, but I keep on whacking / till I get this nut to cracking /
Cause who gives a fuck, I'm not going to tape my dick down, tuck that shit up / Come on now, don't pretend / you whack it every day while taking extends / or maybe you're a whack job with imaginary friends / You divorced your mind with an ice pick through your eye, married God instead, waved your own thoughts goodbye. 

You want me locked up, I'm a mental case / should be tied up in restraints for lacking the restraint to keep my feelings contained / Tramadol, Xanax, coke and weed help escape the screams, of the psychos in the ward, the warden is beating / I'm warding off zombies trying to feed / I'll stop my own heart beating before they think they'll succeed / I'm like Houdini jonsing / popping a pill / cause this illusions rusted over / maybe I've run out of skill / some days it just seems like I can't get out of the locks, but at least I'm tranquil as I suffocate in this box.

Lend me your ear and I'll bite it clean off / go Mike Tyson on you bitches, knock your fucking tits off /
Fry em up like the Colonel, they taste just like chicken / battered breasts on the stove top, I Bobby Flay your superstitions / stomping on your poor GA toes, I'm mashing your feelings / I'll serve you up on the side while I take you down just by breathing / don't fuck with a fugitive holding a gun / even if it's only loaded with words, you'll end up undone / status symbols are the status quo / I don't give a fuck about your Maserati, I hope you choke on your dough / I'm like the wonder bread wonder boy, I'm walking on air, all you people trying to eat me, it's so unfair / for you that is, I'll sit in your colon, make you so constipated the doctors will have to slice you open /

I'm like a tumor metastasizing throughout your body / I've taken it over - snatchers get in line behind me / Your brain is now mine, I control your mind / you tried to take me out but now it's you that's dying / maybe I'll move your hands, make you load a gun / have you put it in your mouth then make you shoot off your thumbs / the taste of cold metal burned into your brain, you should get a special medal for not going insane / maybe you should tweet that, but without any thumbs, it'll be like a Parkinson's patient assembling bombs wearing gloves /

I'll just walk away let you blow yourself up /
Leave you to your own devices - let you fuck your shit up /
Don't fuck with a fugitive from the status quo, I'm not going back to serve the time still owed /
I'm desperate, erratic and slightly disturbed so keep out of my way if you don't want to get burned /
Come after me again and you'll be wishing for Sherman, cause when I'm done with you, even the ruddy water will be burning.

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