Friday, February 13, 2015

Audacity at Sea

A vessel not mighty or robustly fashioned, took to the sea captained by Audacity herself - I stowed away under a spare canvas hoping I could dare as well.
Plunging the bow over wakes and waves breaking in the bay, we set out -discontent with The Land.
Piloting such a craft seemed a mere trifle for a creature of such poise so I crept from my hiding spot once underway.
Though surprised, she did not compel me to disembark but bid me stay, join the journey. 
Upon reaching the expansive spread, where the shore and those placid forms upon it vanished - the weight of our own insignificance and frailty shouted:
"Turn back you fool. You are alone by sake of wisdom. Take heed before you cannot".
Nothing to behold save water and sky split on the horizon by a measure so meticulous, nearly undefinable - yet starkly visible. 
From time to time great ships passed by our skiff as it bobbed to and fro offering to throw a line, towing the miserable sight home. 
Audacity and I would have none of it but pressed on when storms arose and others anchored or fled. 
Broken upon by raging swells that seem bent on crushing our dreams
Most sit in more secure haunts whether on land or sea - they do not face adversity like my shipmate Audacity. 
When she grew weary of holding steady the course, I spelled her at the helm coming to discover - the sails were mine as well.
Cut from cloth that will decompose if not perpetually stretched taught - I discovered why I had dared to stowaway. 
Together we charged into the spray, I bolder than before, Audacity stronger. 
If one day we are over taken and perish in the deep, at least we did it bold and brash
challenging that old, destructive yet alluring, maven, others fled from while we chased, almost daring her to try - try and drown us to see if she could. 
We challenge the very spirit of The Sea.

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