Saturday, March 21, 2015

48 Days

48 days, give or take a handful:
It's all I get,
All I can afford. 
365 pass like a sound nights sleep,
Waking with only vague recollections of dreams,
Facing reality:
A wound that may never quite heal. 

720 days, give or take a hundred:
Hoping it will be enough,
That they never felt completely abandoned.
Years vanish like light into a black hole: 
Highlights preserved in a bar graph of snapshots,
The steady line of immersion broken - disjointed. 

Indeterminate days, give or take infinity:
Praying they will find personal peace,
My experiences somehow ameliorating theirs. 
Trusting that "the best I knew how" made the cut without cutting deeply:
Transcending emotions through maturing perspective,
Questions answered - understanding. 


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