Thursday, March 12, 2015

Evaporating Souls

Ear pressed against your rib cage
Listening as the rhythm drops tempo.
My nose caresses your back
Taking in your scent, 
Feeling the softness of your skin

I am listening to your soul,
Smelling the essence of you: 
Hoping to coalesce as one.

Silence - you aren't there.
In this moment you feel ethereal, 
More a concept than reality,
Only solidified by your presence. 

Once again I lay, wrapping you in my embrace. 
This time I listen to your breathing,
The sighs as you catch your breath. 
A new facet memorized. 

Growing together as we discover our better selves. 
A clearer picture of me intertwining me more with you. 
The distance no longer mattering. 

Our spirits slowly being distilled,
Evaporating together into an infinite universe.
Till only the dust of our memories remain

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