Saturday, March 14, 2015

Too Many Metrics

Futzing around with the settings on my cars computer I accidentally set it for Celcius instead of Fahrenheit and had a thought - this seems to be way less precise. Googling the conversion I discovered it's something like 1.8xF + 32. Basically the point is that we have nearly twice the measuring points in America than the rest of the world. Maybe that's the reason we are so finicky in our country because we have more options. 

The USA was based on the freedom to be yourself whatever that is which is a beautiful concept. However, it weakens is un a way because the more options you have to choose from, the more discontent you can be. 

Every day we have the choices pumped into us like an IV from the million cereals in the grocery aisle to the seemingly endless channels to watch on TV. Everything is becoming specialized through analysis to cater to exactly what we want. The problem is that comfortability stems evolution and progress.

Only people who have struggled or dealt with trauma question life because they are trying to live out the basic instinct to survive becoming programmed to analyze everything: how do I avoid this happening again? The bullshit of suburbia and corporate America isn't what they want for their lives because frankly, it's bullshit - a pile of shit that does nothing for you. It's a ladder that climbs not to a dream but an infinite loop of elusive achievement and self approbation delineated only by materialism and who you know. 

We question because we see through the options and realize that it's not knowing that you like your thermostat set on 75 degrees in the winter that defines who you are. Instead we embrace the nebulous, less defined side of life knowing that the demarcations don't really matter. The experiences you have can't be quantified on a point system but are unique feelings like the first time you road a bike. It wasn't a ten, it was just bliss as you conquered something new and relished in it. Life isn't black and white or 50 shades of grey. It's an immense and vibrant pallete that doesn't need definition - it just calls to be experienced. 

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