Saturday, March 28, 2015


Dark days, brighter night,
I'm not in Alaska bitches, just under my blanket with a light. 
Reading a story to take me away,
Put some hope in my mind, I could be that someday.
Closing my eyes, that won't stay open anymore,
I drift away like a body in a morgue. 
A few hours away from the anger and noise,
Sleep is my friend, shelter in the storm. 

Happiness eluded me most of my life,
Childhood left me buried under mountains of strife. 
Dealing with fear that was fucking intense,
I just wanted to be a hippie chilling out in some tents. 
Not the past or the future - I'm presently present
Now handing out context to the emotional peasants. 

But they see me differently, a fucking mind that is bent. 
Not broken, just warped, 
A bonsai tree that you wrecked.
Trimming away, till I grew past your reach,
Grabbing the reigns, snatching the keys,
I'm in the drivers seat running, pinned back by the Gs,
Shaking it off, dropping some leaves,
I'll leave this scene when every bit of me's seen.

They keep yelling cut, I go on while they scream. 
This isn't an act but I can't make them believe.
Like an existential Katrina - they won't stop looting,
Shooting the safe ones that keep on moving. 
The lights burned out, the fucking lenses are cracked,
The cyclone of dust scratches every cell in the mag. 
No second shot, I'm a one hit wonder,
There's no more coming out, if I'm done I'm under. 
Six feet down, yeah I'm still alive,
Keeping it real, taking the world by surprise. 

No more clowning around, life is serious right?
These shoes don't fit my feet, they're coming untied. 
Tripping me up - too long and too wide,
Overhauling my wardrobe, I've metamorphasized. 

Something bit me, infected my brain,
I'm an emotional zombie feeding on all the pain.
Out of sync with the world,
Improperly loaded - like .45s in a 9,
You'd better just throw it. 
A 47th harmonic in a 3 bar scale,
I'm not missing a cent, not going to jail. 
It all equals out, the weight lives in your mind,
Imbalanced by choices, that we choose on a dime. 
You're as free as your mind, they can't take that away.
Or just straight up lose it, 
Start walking away,
Forget where you put it,
Leave all the tickets unpaid,
Middle finger to the world walking out of the cage. 

I'm happier than most, living with my perspective,
Don't miss the feelings of being neglected.
By a god omnipresent but omni-missing,
He's been gone so long, the milk cartons quit listing. 
Was he killed in action or did he dodge the draft?
Let us figure it out alone - hope we'd forge the right path.

I'm a force on my own walking while spitting,
These words are the path to a much better history. 
Tuneless - just whatever random words come out next,
Writing a freedom that finally makes sense. 

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