Thursday, April 2, 2015

3 Stages of Biker Forgiveness

On my way home tonight I was sitting at a stop light when I heard the throaty rumble of a "biker" bike approaching. Brubummm pop poppPP POP - he's right next to my door now. Watching him thread between me and the car on the left I feel irritation kick in as he passes me, "Mr. front of the stop light line" himself. Jackass! The light turned green and #bikerlife was gone before my brakes disengaged. Whatever, I guess it's no big deal. Two minutes later - the rain hits. Maybe he's just trying to get out of the rain.....At least now I'm being understanding. Go me! 

I watched to see how he was reacting to the heavy rain. To my surprise his left arm was out, as the bike gently swerved back and forth, and I realized that's exactly what I would we doing - celebrating the rain, life. Now knowing that I could relate in a way, why was I irritated in the first place? 
It's like him being free and different made me insecure somehow. Maybe I just wish I was badass and had a bike...maybe I'm just a dick. He hadn't done anything to effect anyone (other than pop my eardrums 3 times as he rolled by). He was just being himself. 

We get irate at folks doing things that are different from us. It threatens us but only affects them. Instead of being pissed off or "trying to be understanding", how about we just realize that it's none of our business. Unless it does affect you or an unwilling/defenseless participant, how about we all just piss off. 

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