Monday, April 13, 2015

Derailed Logic

I'm going to rant a little here so just be forewarned that if you are sensitive, I may hurt your feelings. 

The Internet (and consequently Facebook) is rife with studies that supposedly prove things like "women who give blow jobs are happier" or "people who say fuck are healthier and happier". I don't know if people understand how logic works but connecting two things that are unrelated in a study to endorse your preferences is bogus. I'm not saying that those things just listed are bad; however, trying to get people to accept them through a crackpot study is just dumb. So many things are interconnected when it comes to happiness and individuality that choosing one thing as the cause of it is not only incorrect, it's ignorant and slightly offensive. The reason people generally are happy is because they feel free not because they are giving blowjobs regularly. What's happening is that the fruit of a mindset is being called the causation - there's a good chance you have it backwards. I say it's offensive because people want to use the "study" to try and find acceptance for how they want to live their lives. Just live the way you want to and if you are happy, then who cares about the rest. 

The same goes for articles like "the 10 struggles only a xyz will understand". Just because someone else feels the same way you do isn't necessarily justification - maybe you both need to grow. An extreme example: pedophiles could read an article and find camaraderie and encouragement but that certainly does not make the behavior right just because you have other people in your corner. 

Growing is hard work and requires the acceptance of the fact that maybe we do have things in our lives that could be improved upon. Use your brains people, think, live, evolve. 

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