Monday, April 20, 2015

Prosperity Gospel

Standing back watching a fake "how to get rich" seminar being filmed today I was filled with disgust for humanity. Despite the event being fake, the same electricity was in the air spawned by the theatrics and crowd that a real seminar has. There is something about getting people together and revved up that makes you feel like anything is possible - especially when it involves the idea of becoming wealthy. Human nature vacillates between abject laziness and frenetic survival seeming to miss striking a balance in between. Charlatans, both religious and otherwise, promise that "you too can be like them" but the truth that most don't see is these assholes have built their wealth on the backs of those who believe the selfish, delusional promises.

Growing up in a quasi-cult that hosted annual seminars where you could learn "secret principles to life" I saw first hand the intoxicating effect this type of dreck can have on the weak minded. The leader of the organization would expound "secrets God had given him" on aspects of life he had no experience in such as parenting and marriage. Unfortunately that did nothing to stop families from swallowing the "truths" hook, line and sinker. Say something with confidence and there is at least one fool who will believe you. 

There is no secret to life except that we have the power to create our reality in our own minds. We hold ourselves back because of fear, doubt and laziness. That isn't to say that everyone can achieve anything they can imagine or desire. In comparison to the universe we are insignificant which is why the story of David and Goliath is so compelling. Sometimes our audacity and gumption allow us to slay a giant and other times we die (they just generally don't write stories about the failures). It's like the moral of Kung Fu Panda - there is no secret ingredient to the secret ingredient soup. We all are powerful and capable of doing many things but we want short cuts, someone to do the work for us, things to be easy - comfort. It's hard - get over it and stop listening to the bullshit of these "motivational speakers" because you probably already know what you need to know - you just have to dig deeper than you want to. 

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