Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pushing Back

With the recent increase of citizens armed with video cameras in the last few years, there has been an explosion of controversy that was mostly anecdotal previously. This has led to outrage and many acts of "civil disobedience" aka rioting. Rioting for any reason is stupid, immature and in many ways counter productive. While some changes may be made, the rioting further reinforces negative views of those who just want something to change. I completely understand the desire to just tear some shit up; however, I think there is a better way. 

Today at work I exchanged slightly heated words with someone who I felt was being condescending towards me. Nothing was destroyed but I still made my point - I'm not taking your shit. A few hours later he made the comment to someone else "watch out, he's feisty today". This time though, I didn't detect anything negative just the fact that he understood I wasn't going to be pushed around. 

Does it ever need to come to violence? Sometimes, but very rarely. In most cases making an organized stand of "we aren't going to take this anymore" while being ready to deal with the consequences is what gets attention: that's how unions and striking works. Most of the assholes up in their ivory towers think that they can just keep running over folks until someone shows them they cannot. The thing is, when you destroy property, injure folks etc, you don't look organized, you actually look weak. 

Occupy Wallstreet was a joke. You sitting there with a sign accomplishes nothing. If you want fair wages, start a company and pay people fair wages. Don't agree with how politics are handled in your city, run for office. If that doesn't work, refuse to pay your taxes. If enough people do it and you get national attention, something will change. 

Riots are the reaction of people who feel powerless and without option. The anger and resentment boils until it explodes into mayhem because it's the only thing you know to do. How about we link arms as brothers and sisters and say "We refuse to participate in your system". A fire can destroy a home or it can melt steel into a sword. It's all about how you use it. 

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