Friday, April 3, 2015

Remember, Remember...

...the Friday before Easter. 

Today really isn't a "good" day in the sense that Catholics and Prostestants celebrate it. Good Friday marks when a bunch of religious folks killed a dude because he had some good ideas that threatened threatened them. The fact that he claimed to be the son of God might have had something to do with it but he wasn't out there raising an army or collecting sister wives - Jesus was doing good, promoting peace. After he was murdered people fixated on that, forming a new religion that eventually did the same thing to other people - killed them because they were different. 

Today should be a reminder of what religion really is: a system that crushes life and individuality because it is trying to maintain a status quo for those uncomfortable with change. Religion twists good ideas theough fear, judgement and pride perverting them, poisoning the well we draw from and supply the poor and downtrodden. "Here have something for your thirsty soul, but change everything about you or we'll be unkind to you." Sounds about what Jesus would have wanted...

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