Thursday, May 28, 2015


She reached out over the sidewalk extending branches high and low as if offering a gift to any who would incline.

Leaves and flowers in various states of bloom all decorated with the lingering drops from a passing shower. 

The air humid, misty hung sweet with the fragrance offered by the beautiful Magnolia. 

She did not ask to be recognized or extolled. Disappointment would have been the reward more often than not if she had. 

Most pass on by without second thought for the effort she had taken to be - to be  beautiful for her own sake despite being taken for granted. 

Passing by I stopped and considered, then retraced my steps to press my nose into a flower almost spent as it gave freely for all to partake. 

I thanked her for the gift, for being true to her nature then continued on my way happier, having appreciated what had never asked to be. 

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